Thunders of Wrath

Thunders of Wrath

Thunders of Wrath

Thunders oh the wrath

Thunders oh the wrath

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Thunders of Wrath is an **unsigned** American rock band with a 10-song debut vinyl in post-production.

Described as "old school rules with a new-fangled yet reverent rock swagger". Others have said "refreshingly classic". To put it simply, we make rock, it's who we are what we love and what we do.

School chums Mason Flippin and Cooper Farris form the rhythm core, meeting in junior high and growing up together as musicians. Guitarist Joe Papen joins in January 2012. Tom Vekakis joins on vocals in August 2012. Jake Fouts joins on keyboards in July 2014.

Ages 22-25, all born and raised in the Tacoma/Puyallup area, currently recording original music and playing shows to audiences along the west coast.

We strive for a sound that is timeless, yet always in the moment... all-killer, no-filler. ROCK GROOVES.

Released first EP - The Grand Alliance in August, 2013, available digitally on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and other digital services, and in our favorite indie record stores all across the pacific NW.

Music Video for "Lighting the Lantern", Nov 2013 on YouTube (SD), Vimeo (HD) and Facebook.

Self-produced holiday special December 2014 previews the videos and mini-sodes in production for 2015 album release.

TV Debut on The CW's Band In Seattle for 30 min full length epiosde, air date Sept. 26th, 2015. Uploaded to Youtube on Sept. 30th.

Full length album currently in post production, to be released Winter 2016.


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